Business Nature

Manufacturer / Contract Manufacturer.

Business Activity

Manufacturer of Roasted Coffee Bean, Instant Coffee Premix and Tea in various flavors. Provide OEM contract manufacturing.

Business Interest

Looking for Instant Beverages Importer / Distributor.

Current Export Market(s)

China, Qatar & Singapore.

BCC Ban Chuan Sdn Bhd

Established since 1960s, BCC Ban Chuan had already served coffee and tea beverages to local folks for 6 decades. The company’s production facilities are accredited with HALAL, GMP and HACCP certification. Up till now, the company still preserves and practices traditional firewood method to roast their coffee. Only carefully selected pesticide free coffee beans and tea leaves are used as their main ingredients for coffee and tea beverages, thus assuring the product quality.

The company’s range of products include Traditional Coffee Mixtures, Roasted Coffee Bean, Instant Coffee & Tea Premix with various flavours and Chocolate Malt Powder.

The company offers contract manufacturing/OEM private label services.

Business Representative

Mr. Lim Loon Yew
Mobile: +601 2516 3233
Email: [email protected]


T: +605 8073 866
F: +605 8087 137
E: [email protected]