Business Nature

Manufacturer / Trader.

Business Interest

Looking for Partner in IT Business in Software and AI Electronic Board Manufacturing.

Business Activity

Manufacturer of AI Printed Circuit Board and Intelligence Electronic Products for Military and Police.

Mentari Setia Sdn Bhd

Signal Jammers and Intelligence System are two solutions that Mentari Setia Sdn Bhd (MSSB) are known for, as the company has been providing these solutions to the Malaysian law-enforcement agencies for 2 decades.

Audio Video Jammers is currently their top products as the company has deep knowledge and know-how about the jammer specifications and its intended use in terms of legality. The intelligence system that the company offers include Multi Channel Recorder, Videologger, Selective Jammer and video bug-sweeper. This equipment is used to prevent wiretapping and prevent snooping by unknown users.

MSSB was incorporated on 16 Sep 1997 in Malaysia. Its owners and director of management, affiliates, executives as well as management team have more than 35 years of combined experience in the industry.

Business Representative

Dato’ Azizan Aziz
Tel: +603 4045 3848
Email: [email protected]


T:  +603 4045 3848
F:  +603 8923 1604
E: [email protected]